ACFace Bio 4 Time Clock

Developed with the latest technology in facial recognition systems, the ACFace Bio 4 is a biometric time clock that features two high-quality cameras that allows it to identify and validate the face of your employees quickly and safely.

This terminal was created to offer an extra security solution to biometric time and access control, thus allowing facial recognition to replace the already existing fingerprints validation of your employees or vice versa, maintaining the performance and reliability of the time clock.

Its operation is extremely simple and offers three types of authentication: face recognition, fingerprint or PIN.

The ACFace Bio 4 is extremely fast and accurate in the verification and validation of a face as well as in fingerprints reading, being able to perform both verifications in less than 1 second.

Since it uses two high quality (HD) cameras it can avoid possible face validation frauds and thanks to its infrared sensor, it can identify the employee even in low light.

Its touch screen allows you to change various settings in the terminal itself, as well as manage your company's employees, register faces and fingerprints, set schedules, view hours worked, view the event log, among other options, thus offering autonomous operation and simplified time control without software.

The registration of new faces and fingerprints is done on the terminal itself and if there is more than one terminal in the same company, the employees only need to register at one of the terminals.

The ACFace Bio 4 communicates over TCP/IP, allowing it to communicate over long distances and connect multiple terminals on the same network and is fully integrated with Time Report software. There is also the possibility of working completely isolated from the network, collecting clockings through a USB pen drive.

It is undoubtedly a versatile and highly reliable solution for time and access control.


  • - Identification by face recognition, fingerprint, RFID and PIN;
  • - 5" TFT touch screen;
  • - Capacity to register up to 2000 faces and 10000 fingerprints;
  • - Capture distance for facial recognition: 50 to 200 cm;
  • - Facial recognition system with two HD cameras (avoids validation fraud);
  • - Fast face validation (less than 1 second);
  • - Reliable face validation even in low light environments;
  • - Connection for electric locks opening or exit button;
  • - Wave sound and human voice that informs the user about the state of the operations;
  • - Management of employees in the terminal itself;
  • - Viewing of hours worked in the terminal;
  • - Ability to extract various reports in Excel format (via USB key);
  • - Ability to set the minimum time between clockings in the terminal itself;
  • - Events logging in the terminal itself (capacity for 100000 registers);
  • - Menus available in Portuguese and English;
  • - Communicates over TCP/IP;
  • - Stylish and ergonomic design;
  • - Operating voltage: 12V DC;
  • - Dimensions: 203 x 86 x 23 mm;
  • - Weight: 0,6 kg;
  • - Wiegand output;
  • - USB port;
  • - Autonomous or PC controlled operation through Time Report 5 or higher versions;
  • - Compatible and configurable through Time Report 5 or higher versions.