Bell Box Alarm

Bell Box

The Bell Box Alarm is a small timer clock programmable via USB. It's a device with an automatic bell system, flexible, programmable, precise, functional, easy to install and inexpensive.

It's an automatic trigger device. It can be used simply to trigger alarm bells in schools, factories, businesses, church bells, but can also be applied in timed lighting and ventilation, irrigation systems, equipment actuation and more.

It is available in two versions: with display and without display. The version without display does not have a graphical display but a LED indicating the operating status of the Bell Box. While the version with display, it is possible to view the current date and time, and the scheduled times to trigger the siren.

The Bell Box is programmed via USB. For that you just need to connect it to a computer and use the Bell Box Software to configure it.

This software developed by Acronym is an intuitive application that lets you configure up to 60 bells by weekdays. It also allows you to schedule holidays and the automatic adjustment of the summer/winter time. This software works on any computer running Microsoft Windows operating system, like Windows XP or above.

The Box Bell Software is free and is available in our downloads area (only in portuguese).

After the configuration, the Bell Box works independently of the computer. In case of power loss, the Bell Box has an internal battery that keeps the schedules and ensures the proper functioning of the internal clock.

  • Bell Box 1
  • Bell Box 2
  • Bell Box 3
  • Bell Box 4


Bell Box
  • - ABS anti fire plastic box;
  • - Reduced size - 3,5 x 5 x 2,5 cm;
  • - USB communication - to communicate with the software;
  • - Graphic screen - 128 x 64 pixels with time display and bell programming;
  • - Signaling LED - indicates whether if the communication or the power are OK;
  • - Internal battery;
  • - Connector for quick and secure connection - facilitates the circuit connection without visible metal parts;
  • - Power adapter - feeding is done through external transformer;
  • - Electronic activation - active AC 24-600 Volts to a maximum of 8A;
  • - Opto-isolation - optical isolation for separation of high voltage circuit;
  • - Buzzer - sound signaling events;
  • - Touch key - proximity sensor for programmable bell activating;
  • - Bell programming - can trigger up to 60 bells at specific times, with distinct types of bells and second precision;
  • - Summer/Winter time - configuration of the days that the time changes automatically;
  • - Management of public holidays (max. 60);
  • - Firmware upgrade.