Bell Box Guard

Bell Box

The Bell Box Guard is a small clock to control guards ensuring that the professional does not fall asleep at work. With a trigger mechanism the Bell Box can activate an alarm in order to wake up the security guard.

When the alarm is triggered, the security guard have to turn off the sound in advance and if he does not, the Bell Box stores a notification/event that the security has not disarmed/unplugged it in time.

The Bell Box Guard is programmed via USB. For that you just need to connect it to a computer and use the supplied software which also has an additional capacity of analysing stored events.

To ensure that any supervisor can know whether the Bell Box saved some event caused by unprofessional behavior of the security guard, you can display in the device's screen the last 6 recorded events.

Even if the Bell Box is powered off, the supervisor can know the time that it has been disconnected and connected again.

The Box Bell Software is free and is available in our downloads area (only in portuguese).

After the configuration, the Bell Box works independently of the computer. In case of power loss, it has an internal battery that keeps the configurations and ensures the proper functioning of the clock.

  • Bell Box 1
  • Bell Box 2
  • Bell Box 3
  • Bell Box 4


  • - ABS anti fire plastic box;
  • - Reduced size - 3,5 x 5 x 2,5 cm;
  • - USB communication - to communicate with the software;
  • - Graphic screen - 128 x 64 pixels with time display and bell programming;
  • - Signaling LED - indicates whether communication and power are OK;
  • - Internal battery;
  • - Connector for quick and secure connection - facilitates the circuit connection without visible metal parts;
  • - Power adapter - feeding is done through external transformer;
  • - Electronic activation - active AC 24-600 Volts to a maximum of 8A;
  • - Opto-isolation - optical isolation for separation of high voltage circuit;
  • - Buzzer - sound signaling events;
  • - Touch key - proximity sensor for programmable bell activating;
  • - Alerts programming - can trigger up to 60 alerts at specific times, with second precision;
  • - Event recorder - the events can be recorded on the Bell Box;
  • - Summer/Winter time - configuration of the days that the time changes automatically;
  • - Management of public holidays (max. 60);
  • - Events on the screen - can show on screen the last 6 stored events, such as:
    • - BellBox On;
    • - BellBox Off;
    • - Alarm On;
    • - Alarm Off;
    • - Alarm not disabled.
  • - Firmware upgrade.