DoorLock Bio

DoorLock Bio

The DoorLock Bio is a complete solution with multiple functionalities and can be used both as a time clock terminal and access control terminal.

As a time clock, it is a compact device, but it has the main features of the Evolution and OutLock terminals including the renowned biometric fingerprint reader, winner of international awards.

Its modern and attractive design, combined with the fact that it is a embed product, gives it an additional level of security in an access system and also enables it to be applied in places where high architectural criteria are required.

In contrast to its small size, its large storage capacity allows you to authenticate a large number of cards and fingerprints, an essential quality for time and access control.

This equipment may come equipped with a 13.56 MHz (Mifare) or a 125 kHz RFID reader, which can be used as an alternative or in conjunction with the biometric sensor.

It is also able to perform complex tasks of time and access control, such as anti-passback control, stock control, validate clockings maximum number, validate the minimum time between clockings, validate access plans, usage time and much more.

The DoorLock Bio communicates over TCP/IP, which allows you to connect multiple terminals on the same network or on internet connected networks. With this, it is possible to implement a high complexity access control system.

The collection of new fingerprints is done in DoorLock Bio itself in an extremely simple way. If there is more than one terminal in the same company, the employees only need to register at only one of the terminals. The fingerprint templates of this equipment are compatible with all Acronym products.

This terminal has a powerful Web Server in which it is possible to configure all the functionalities and to consult data collected and processed, all without the need of auxiliary software. However to get the maximum potential of DoorLock Bio it is recommended that it be connected with Time Report.

Hardware features:

  • - Biometric reader with a capacity for 1900 fingerprints;
  • - Internal buzzer;
  • - Low power consumption;
  • - Mechanical relay for activation of latches and electromagnetic locks;
  • - Internal RFID 125 kHz or 13.56 MHz (Mifare) reader (optional);
  • - High strength and durability;
  • - Power supply from 9 to 32 V DC;
  • - Photo coupled input;
  • - Green and red LED indicators;
  • - Firmware upgrade by USB;
  • - Fast-connect connectors;
  • - RJ45 connector for Ethernet communication;
  • - Quick-connect connector for relay and open door sensor;
  • - Dimensions (outside the wall): 88 mm x 85 mm x 8 mm;
  • - Dimensions (inside the wall): 53 mm x 53 mm x 54 mm;
  • - Non-volatile memory for data storage;
  • - RAM, FLASH and EEPROM with specific functionalities;
  • - External 110/220 power input (optional);
  • - Mounting in embedded switch box (EU standard);
  • - Fast-connect connectors for power and relay connection;
  • - Internal battery for data maintenance;
  • - POE (Power Over Ethernet);
  • - Compact.

Firmware features:

  • - High reliability biometric reader with award winning algorithms;
  • - Compatible with 125 kHz cards or Mifare 1K, 4K and Ultralight cards (Mifare version) (optional);
  • - Standard T5577, T5555, ISO / IEC 14443 Type A (Mifare version) and others (optional);
  • - Compatibility with Acronym terminals;
  • - Automatic information sharing with other Acronym terminals;
  • - Events sended to Time Report;
  • - Open door detection;
  • - TCP/IP dedicated communication protocol;
  • - FIFO buffer of 25000 clockings;
  • - Capacity for more than 10000 registered employees;
  • - Message processing for employees;
  • - Timer for door activation;
  • - Programmable timers to activate alarm/siren;
  • - Performing pre-programmed/timed or event-initiated internal actions;
  • - Firmware upgrade;
  • - Dedicated routines for controlling nursery schools;
  • - Access controll;
  • - Stock control;
  • - Count of daily, weekly, monthly accesses;
  • - Worked hours counter;
  • - Validation of minimum time between markings;
  • - Autonomous accounting of worked and extra hours;
  • - Anti-passback control and stock control;

  • - Email sending upon generated events;
  • - Validation of the minimum time between clockings;
  • - Fixed or dynamic IP;
  • - Ethernet with support for TCP/IP, HTTP, SMTP, SSDP, UDP, DHCP, LLMNR;
  • - Configurable hostname;
  • - Automatic port-forwarding on routers;
  • - Broadcast in Ethernet sub-networks;
  • - Autonomous internet communication with servers;
  • - Detection of the Ethernet network signal;
  • - Integrated Web server;
  • - Employees, fingerprints and cards registration through the Web server;
  • - Querying and correcting results through the Web server;
  • - Multiple configurations and queries through the Web server;
  • - Registration and reading of fingerprints stored in Mifare cards;
  • - DST functions for automatic summer/winter time adjustment;
  • - Incident clockings;
  • - And much more...


  • - Time control;
  • - Access control;
  • - Stock control;
  • - Nursery school control.