ActiveX IOBControl


The IOBControl is an ActiveX control developed specifically for integrating the IOBoard 3 and Evolution 3 Online, Evolution 3 Bio Online, OutLock 3 Online and OutLock 3 Bio Online terminals in the companies' custom-built software applications of data collection and access control.

This control has a set of functions that allows the developers to easily implement the configuration, control and data collection settings of this board and the terminals, exploring all its capabilities, without having to deal with network communication issues.

This control includes all the communication functions with the terminals: communication functions, text functions, editing functions and biometric sensors functions.

The control also includes a number of events generated by the terminals that can be captured and used for data processing.

In addition, this control also has the functions for fingerprint treatment on Evolution 3 Bio Online and OutLock 3 Bio Online terminals, including registration of new fingerprints, transferring of templates to the terminal memory or comparing a template with the registered fingerprint.

The ActiveX technology allows the control to be used in most programming languages ​​for MS Windows, including Visual Basic, C++, Java and C#, allowing to control several terminals in the same application.


  • - Collection of information about the state of communication;
  • - Control messages on the LCD of the online terminals;
  • - Creation of edit boxes to be filled by the user in the terminal;
  • - Relay activation and buzzer rings;
  • - Input reader;
  • - Sending and comparing of fingerprints on biometric terminals (Evolution 3 Bio Online and OutLock 3 Bio Online).


  • - Development of custom-built software;
  • - Data collection;
  • - Access control;
  • - Automation.