RFID Keyrings

RFID Keyrings

These RFID keyrings are another type of RFID device available to our readers. It can be easily locked with a key chain ring, thus achieving a practical transportation form.

There are two formats available: rectangular and circular. Both have an attractive design.

The company logo can be printed on the side surface, thus allowing the key ring customization.

Due to the small size of the coil, its communication distance is slightly less than the distance of ISO RFID cards, ranging from 25 to 50 mm.


  • - Compact dimensions (43 x 30 x 4 mm);
  • - Rugged ABS plastic casing;
  • - Black color;
  • - No need for battery;
  • - 64-bit data reading;
  • - Operates at 125 kHz frequencies;
  • - Robustness to environment;
  • - Ideal for inkpad printing.