miniSCAN 3 Portable Terminal

miniSCAN 3

The miniSCAN 3 terminal represents the latest generation of portable terminals. This terminal features a modern and appealing design, is extremely compact and very ergonomic and easy to use.

The miniSCAN 3 has an extremely simple use. You just need to approach it to a RFID card or tag press the OK button to register. However, this terminal has other characteristics that allow a more complex use. It has three additional buttons that allow the navigation through the lists and menus available in its internal software.

It has a backlit graphic display, fully customizable with images, animations and text in various fonts, following the Evolution 3 and OutLock 3 good style, but perfectly adapted to the dimensions of a portable terminal.

The miniSCAN 3 communication with personal computer, required for the registrations collection and the terminal configuration is made by USB, which guarantees it an high accessibility and ease of configuration through the plug & play technology. The miniSCAN 3 works with the Time Guard, the Time Service and the Time Report which, through its incidents interface, allow the services, events or references and product quantities registrations in an organized manner and without the need to use additional cards or tags.

The USB connection also allows the internal lithium battery charging.


  • - 128x64 graphical display with backlight;
  • - RFID proximity cards reader;
  • - Internal database;
  • - Employee name on the screen;
  • - Wave or Bip sound;
  • - Incidents introduction by menu;
  • - Product incidents with quantity;
  • - Check-up rotine;
  • - View the latest moves;
  • - Polyphonic sound;
  • - Brightness and contrast control;
  • - Lithium battery;
  • - Safeguard data battery;
  • - Automatic shutdown.