Time Report Features

Time Report

What for some is necessary and essential, for others it may not be useful or even derail. For this reason, Time Report is a modular software, that is, it can be tailored to the customer's specific needs. This is done by activating software modules.

Here are briefly described the Time Report features, that can be acquired in the customer area, allowing to make this software even more powerful.

Features available:

  • - Daily plans + Work plans - allows you to deal with any kind of schedule;
  • - Daily results - daily accumulated times view;
  • - Weekly results - weekly accumulated times view;
  • - Monthly results - monthly accumulated times view;
  • - Flexible results - view the accumulated times between two dates;
  • - Annual review - displays a general sense of what the employee has done for a year;
  • - Deviations - view delays, early exits or absences of employees;
  • - View employees' schedules - view the schedules assigned to each employee;
  • - Graphics - shows a general perception of what is happening in the company;
  • - View present and absent employees;
  • - Configure schedules and daily plans substitutes - give the employee a different plan;
  • - Professional schedules module - allows greater control and greater ease in schedules setting;
  • - Setting the registrations automatic collection - via TimeLinkS;
  • - Administration module - allows users management, configure windows and dialogs and analyze the application databases;
  • - Log - record of all operations made by the users of the software;
  • - Scripts - ability to write small programs in VBScript that allow to automate some software tasks;
  • - Hours bank - continuous hours calculation in positive and negative balances format;
  • - Joint plans - set more than one schedule for the same day;
  • - Creating new export models - offers the user several options for exporting data;
  • - And much, much, much more...


In addition to Time Report, Acronym provides other software that work together in order to enhance the control system.

  • - TimeLink - software responsible for some automatic operations of Time Report;
  • - Time Report Web - allows that the data available in the software may be available and editable via the internet.
  • - Integrated Web Server - our hardware equipments have a web server that allows you to configure, view and edit results;
  • - Time Clockings Pro - Android application that lets you register time/production /incidents clockings by facial recognition, NFC, keyboard and USB and see results right on your phone;
  • - Time Clockings - Android application that lets you do clockings through facial recognition;
  • - Time Events - Android application that allow you to view clockings and other events in real time;
  • - Time Schedules - Android application that allows employees to view their schedules, via smartphone;
  • - DesktopViewer - Acronym's remote assistance software;
  • - And much more...