RDH 01 Reader

RDH 01

The RDH 01 was specially designed for access control and can be easily connected to controllers.

This product works on a frequency of 125 kHz or at 13.56 MHz, in the Mifare (NFC) version, compatible with the ISO 14443A standard.

This reader has a specific communication protocol to communicate with IOH 04 or IOH 02 controllers.

When performing a reading, by approaching a card, tag or RFID keyring to the reader, the data is sent to a controller IOH that will validate the content information for access control purposes.

This reader is equipped with an anti-tampering mechanism and it has IP65 certification (water and dust proof).

If you prefer a RFID reader of this type but with a built-in keypad, you can choose the RKH 01.


  • - Compatible with 125 kHz cards or Mifare 1K, 4K and Ultralight cards (Mifare version);
  • - LED status indicator;
  • - Communication via RS485 or wiegand;
  • - Anti-tampering alarm;
  • - Elegant and ergonomic design;
  • - Dust and water proof (IP65);
  • - Frequency of 125 kHz or 13.56 MHz (Mifare version);
  • - Acoustic buzzer;
  • - Operating voltage: 12V DC;
  • - Dimensions: 118 x 76 x 23 mm.