RFID RD 2 Reader


The RFID RD 2 was specially designed for access control since it can be easily connected to access control terminals.

This product works at a 125 kHz frequency, compatible with most 125 kHz cards for number extraction, or at 13.56 MHz, in the Mifare (NFC) version, compatible with the ISO 14443A standard.

This reader has a specific communication protocol to communicate with other Acronym products, which allows, for example, that a controller/terminal automatically detects the reader when it is connected to it.

This module/reader can be controlled online by these products:

When doing a reading, by approaching a RFID card, tag or key to the reader, the data is sent to a controller/terminal that validates the content of the information for access, time or production control purposes.

This module has a RJ45 connector for cable connection to the controller. Through the same cable flows the energy and the communication that are provided by the controller.

The RFID RD 2 works by validating identifiers previously registered in the controller and only these identifiers can activate the internal relay and open the door.

This product is available with the following options:

  • - With or without 128 x 64 pixel OLED graphic display;
  • - With 125 kHz RFID or 13.56 MHz (Mifare) reader;
  • - With wireless or RS485 communication.


  • - Compatible with 125 kHz or Mifare 1K, 4K and Ultralight cards (Mifare version);
  • - Standard T5577, T5555, ISO/IEC 14443 Type A (Mifare version) and others;
  • - Internal buzzer;
  • - LED red/green;
  • - Low power consumption;
  • - Mechanical relay for activation of latches and electromagnetic locks;
  • - 128 x 64 pixels OLED display (optional);
  • - Micro USB port;
  • - Internal 125 kHz or 13.56 MHz (Mifare) RFID reader;
  • - High strength and durability;
  • - Power supply from 9 to 32 V DC;

  • - Photo coupled input;
  • - Input for open door sensor;
  • - Firmware upgrade by USB;
  • - Fast-connect connectors;
  • - Compatible with Acronym terminals;
  • - RJ45 connector for connection and data communication up to 500m;
  • - Dedicated communication protocol over RS485;
  • - Quick-connect connector for relay and open door sensor;
  • - Wireless communication (optional);
  • - Dimensions (outside the wall): 88 mm x 85 mm x 8 mm;
  • - Dimensions (inside the wall): 53 mm x 53 mm x 54 mm.