Time Guard Software

Time Guard

The Time Guard is a rounds control software that allows you to graphically view the rounds made ​​in certain places.

All that is necessary for the system to work is that the watchman or the security guard of the a company or the condominium carry a miniSCAN 3 terminal during their rounds.

At each site the guard passes is placed a RFID low cost check point. The guard points the miniSCAN 3 terminal to the point of control and hit a button. From that moment the site where the watchman passed, like the date and time that he did, are now stored in the terminal. These data can then be transferred to the computer for analysis.

This software, with its simple and attractive interface, generates detailed and customizable reports of all activities of the watchmen, converting all numeric data generated by the miniSCAN 3 terminals in a set of arrows showing rounds. These rounds can then be overlapped to the plants of the places where they were made​​, giving a very intuitive and realistic perspective of what happened.

The number of watchmen and rounds managed by the Time Guard is virtually unlimited.

Thanks to its flexibility, the Time Guard can be used by companies that only want to control one or two security guards who monitor their own premises and also by security companies that perform more complex rounds.


  • - Allows the recording of incidents during the round;
  • - Allows you to set rounds that pass through geographically distant sites;
  • - View rounds made on the corresponding location plant;
  • - Detects rounds made incorrectly;
  • - Detects unvisited control points;
  • - Operates in multi-company, multi-user and multi-station;
  • - Possibility of change and introduction of maps;
  • - Complete control over the staff records;
  • - Presentation of results in graphical form;
  • - Management of users and companies.