Time Report Software

Time Report

With the era of informatization, the time and access control applications become essential for companies. With this in mind, Acronym developed the Time Report, a solution able to meet the needs of the vast majority of existing organizations.

This application gives to you a wide range of utilities and assistants that, together with a simple and logic data structure, makes it the best solution currently in the market for time control.

The constant updates and improvements of this program, the attention to detail and the specific needs of our customers made ​​the Time Report a product extremely versatile. We ensure that the Time Report, together with its plugins and custom scripts can be applied to virtually any kind working schedule, however bizarre it may be.

Available in several languages​​, operates in Windows environment together with the OutLock USB Bio, OutLock USB, Evolution USB Bio, Evolution USB, IOBoard 3, DoorLock Bio, DoorLock and the miniSCAN 3 Acronym terminals.

The Time Report is available in it's fifth version, based on SQL. It contains an improved interface with attractive graphic design and offers the possibility of processing extension scripts and the possibility to see the results in the graphical form, among other features.

The key advantage of the Time Report is its ease of use, combined with a representative graphical environment, guarantees its users an intuitive perception of what they are seeing and doing.

Like all Acronym software, Time Report is fully configurable, and has scripts that alter its operation mode and report editors that let you create custom maps as well as modifying existing ones.

Other features of Time Report that are not directly related to the time control include access control, through employee access periods, and production control by registering incidents or even through production clockings (service order, machine, product, quantity, etc.), enhancing their interaction with Acronym terminals and increasing their capacities.

  • Time Report 1
  • Time Report 2
  • Time Report 3
  • Time Report 4
  • Time Report 5


  • - Support for the Evolution USB and OutLock USB terminals;
  • - Export to any wages software;
  • - Connection to remote terminals via TCP/IP, HTTP (Web) or DNS (hostname);
  • - Connection to mobile terminals (Android applications);
  • - Total flexibility in schedules creation;
  • - Possibility of use by multiple companies;
  • - It allows you to set multiple users to login;
  • - Multi-post operation;
  • - For each user you can set different access permissions;
  • - Allows the creation of sections;
  • - Subdivision of employees per section;
  • - Possibility of maps introduction and change;
  • - Daily, weekly, monthly and flexible results;
  • - Hours bank;
  • - Complete control over the registration of your employees;
  • - Support for temporary cards;
  • - Graphically presentation of results;
  • - Management of users and companies;

  • - View and print charts;
  • - Pre-definition of planned absences;
  • - Specific schedules configuration;
  • - Allocation of complex journey times;
  • - Production control;
  • - Access control;
  • - Kindergartens control;
  • - Setup automatic collections;
  • - Definition of processing codes;
  • - Creating incidents codes;
  • - Configuration of production codes;
  • - Set vacations and holidays;
  • - Creation of daily plans and work plans;
  • - Allows reports viewing and printing;
  • - You can create your own reports;
  • - Real-time consultation of present and absent employees;
  • - Online help system (FAQ or SAC);
  • - Allows you to set your own location (URL) for the help system;
  • - Support from remote assistance plugin;
  • - Compatibility with various plugins and modules;

  • - Parameterizable from scripts created by the user;
  • - Collection and processing of clockings;
  • - Allows results correction;
  • - Management of permissions and access to Time Report Web;
  • - Setting user or employee permissions to access Android applications;
  • - View of terminals' events;
  • - Configure messages to send to the employees from the terminals;
  • - Geographic area restriction for clockings on Android applications;
  • - Definition of wireless signal restrictions for Android applications;
  • - Available in several languages: Portuguese, French, Spanish.